Things that work differently than QB, PDS or QBasic:

  • The keyword 'SEG' has been assigned an additional meaning.  If used as a function, it returns the address of a SUB or FUNCTION.  This ability is needed for API callbacks.  See the sample 'generic' in the distribution for an example of this usage. 

  • INKEY$ blocks - that is, it waits for a key to be pressed. 

  • Setting the date (DATE$ statement) or time (TIME$ statement) are disabled.  Retrieving the date or time work the normal way. 

  • SADD, VARPTR, VARPTR$, SEG, SSEG, and SSEGADD all return a 32-bit near pointer to the variable. 

  • The multiple variable form of NEXT is NOT supported: "NEXT [counter [,counter...]]"
    The Syntax supported is: "NEXT [counter]", where [] means optional. 

  • COMMON and COMMON SHARED and Named COMMON and Named COMMON SHARED work, however the association is by name, not position as in Other Basic compilers.  The names have to be EXACTLY the same.  (Use an include file). 

  • The CURRENCY data type is handled as int-64 WITHOUT the bias of 10,000 as in MS Basic Compilers. 

  • PRINT output to the screen may not always wrap the exact same way as DOS does.  This is due to the way windows handles the console.  It might be possible to make it work the same way, if someone has LOTS of money to pay for it. 

Other differences will be listed here as they become known or as I remember them. 

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