BCET Compiler - What's New?

Date Description
07/15/04 Lots of changes.  The most important one is that BCET now has the ability to compile for GUI programs as well as console programs.  See Extensions for more details. 
Also, the BL driver program has been updated to recognize and handle .RC, .RES, .OBJ, .LIB files.  So the command line to compile the generic sample would be: 'BL generic generic.rc'.  This will compile 'generic' to a .OBJ file, Resource compile 'generic.rc' to a .RES file, and link then together. 

Several additions to the samples, including a pure GUI sample, and a very simple web server. 
10/04/03 Variable length strings in a TYPE.  See Extensions for more details. 
09/09/03 Added limited support for TYPE variables within a TYPE. 
08/22/03 NEW program: BL.EXE is a driver for the BCET compiler system. 
For more info, read the comments in BL.INI, and do a "BL /?". 

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