Download BCET Compiler

Some portions of the BCET runtime were inspired (copied and modified) by routines from PDQ.  PDQ is a small replacement runtime for QB 4.5, PDS 7.x and VBDOS 1.0  It's main features are a smaller size and the ability to write DOS TSR's in basic.  PDQ is available from Ethan Winer along with several other useful products. 

I did not write the floating point conversion routines.  I used a library called 'gdtoa'.  Read the copyright notice here.  Any problems with floating point conversions are MINE, probably because I used the routines incorrectly.  I originally downloaded the library from here.  Please report any problems to me. (email address on the contacts page). 

Some corrections to the math transcendental functions were copied from the runtime library of the cc386 compiler.  I had discovered that some routines were producing very stupid output.  Rather than trying to figure it out on my own, (which I don't really have the math to do in any resonable time frame), I looked around the web for a useable alternative.  I found cc386, and then found that I had an old copy in my archive.  The library routines did just what I needed.  I wrote the author, and asked permission to use his routines as samples for my routines.  He said yes, and granted me a limited license to do so.  Any problems remaining, are MINE.  Either I read his routine incorrectly or wrote mine wrong.  Please report any problems to me. (email address on the contacts page).  cc386 is available from here
"Portions of the floating point runtime code are from the cc386 library, used by permission of David Lindauer." 

Read the License for the Beta version of BCET here.  This is subject to change at any time. 

Download the current beta version of BCET here

Installation Instructions:
  Unzip the file to a directory of your choice.  The default is 'c:\Bcet'. 
  Modify the 'c:\Bcet\Bin\BL.INI' file locations to fit your system. 
  The supplied file assumes that MASM32 was installed to: 'C:\MASM32'. 
  Try it out.  Or change to the Samples Directory and type 'Build' to build all the sample programs. 
NOTE: Some of the samples may not compile, or work correctly.  It's brrn a long time since I tried them.

In addition to the BCET zip file, you will need a copy of MS MASM 6.13 or later, a suitable linker, and a copy of kernel32.lib.  Some of the samples require other libs.  Check the API declares in the samples to see which sample needs which lib.  One way to get these files is to download and install MASM32.  Version 8 is a 3+ meg download, and when installed uses about 20 meg of disk space.  If you don't need or want to keep the whole installation, you can just copy the files needed to somewhere else and then delete all the rest.  Here is a link to the MASM32 site:  MASM32

If I find another location that has a smaller download with the needed files, I will add it here later. 

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