Basic Compiler

BCET - "Basic Compile to Expression Tree"

These basic pages are a work in progress.  There will be errors, omissions, and typos.  :-)  If you see one, you may send me an email telling me about it, if you feel like it.  The email address is on the Contact page. 

These pages should be update fairly often - perhaps once a week.  No they don't.  :-)  Only when I get around to it.  And for sure with each new release.  So, check back on a regular basis. 

Yes, it is another Basic Compiler. FAQ page

How did it happen to get written?   Read the story here.

What's it good for?  Description.

What's different between BCET and PDS or QBasic or QB?  Differences.

What's broke?  Problems.

What's been added?  Extensions.

What won't work?  Unsupported.

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